Environmental Systems GmbH (ES), Germany

The Environmental Systems GmbH was founded 1999 with the focus in ultrasonic treatment of low viscous up to highly viscous and often extremely soiled oils coming from the maritime and industrial sector. One of the main characteristic of theses oils is the extremely stabilized oil/water-emulsion or water/oil-emulsion.The special plant, system and single components needed for the optimal treatment of theses oils will be adapted tailor-made and individual to the respective application by Environmental Systems.

For the individual evaluation of the optimized treatment-system of the soiled oils, laboratory tests in co-operation with cooperating scientific partners can be made for a first important indication. To obtain a more detailed information, components for the separation of solids and liquids and a test plant are available, in order to get important and detailed information about the process reliability and selection of components for the industrial application. Furthermore by means of laboratory analyses qualified statements about the quality and the degree of purity can be done.

Another focus is the treatment of waste water especially waste water with emulsified oil. For the treatment of this waste water Environmental Systems has developed a unique membrane treatment system which ensures a safe and reliable cleaning of oily water from the maritime industry down to 1 ppm oil in water. With this innovative technology Environmental Systems is a pioneer due to the fact that the competitors only reach 5 ppm. Of course also these systems will be adapted tailor-made and individual to the respective application of the customers.

The latest innovation from Environmental Systems is an ultrasonic treatment system which reduces the bacterial growth in cooling emulsions from the metal processing industry. This ensures a safe handling of theses cooling emulsions for the operating personal. Also chemicals for the reduction of bacteria growth are no longer necessary. These two facts will result in a new green, safe & reliable ultrasonic treatment system for the staff and the environment.