Feyecon Carbon Dioxide Technologies

Feyecon Carbon Dioxide Technologies (36 employees) is an SME founded in 2000 and based in Weesp, NL. Feyecon has large experience in development of products, equipment and processes based on pressurised CO2 such as the extraction of natural products, purification of fish oil or precipitation of proteins. Feyecon multidisciplinary teams possess expertise in pharmaceutical, food formulation, renewable technologies, material sciences, quality assurance and process/equipment design with more than 60 % of the scientific staff holding a PhD. Feyecon has extensive experience in project management in both R&D national and international projects as well as in >300 commercial projects with SMEs and multinationals (e.g. Unilever, DSM). Feyecon develops proof of concept, process development and design for small scale (toll) production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient batches in clean room facilities, operating under cGMP guidelines. Feyecon’s main asset is its diverse Intellectual Property portfolio, having extensive experience in IP commercialisation.

Feyecon technology enables selectivity to the constituents resulting in improved product quality. The low processing temperatures and oxygen free atmosphere allow the processing of temperature and/or oxygen sensitive compounds. CO2 technologies significantly minimize the number of required process steps for chemical reactions of compounds and 3D structuring processes, and offer scalability to high production volumes with minimal environmental impact. Solvent removal is simple, cheap and efficient with minimal environmental impact without leaving solvent residues in the final extract.