JSC "Biocentras" is one of the leading Lithuanian biotechnology companies founded in 1988, with excellent facilities for research, development and production of biologically active compounds and microbial preparations. Main fields of the biotechnological researches, products and services are: development of novel biotechnological processes for the production of and bio-processes design, environmental biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, and appliance of information technologies in biotechnology field.

JSC Biocentras is also continuously involved in the improvement and delivery of broad range of environmental services: design, construction and evaluation of the environmental protection objects, waste management and disposal, disaster management, cleaning in situ and ex situ.

JSC “Biocentras” has broad expertise of the participation for more than 10 years in the international projects funded by EUREKA, Life+, FP5, FP6 and FP7 programs and also in the projects supported by the EU Regional Development Foundation, Lithuanian Science Foundation and by Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology.

Throughout participation in these projects, the company carried research related to bioremediation of soil and water, development of bacterial preparations, production of free and immobilized microbial enzymes, development of other biologically active compounds for health care and agriculture, microbiological and environmental evaluation of new added-value bio-products, production of biodiesel and biolubricants, microencapsulation of biologically active products, and  etc.