Weber Ultrasonics GmbH (WU), Germany

Weber Ultrasonics was founded in 1998 and manufactures a range of ultrasonic products for industrial applications in: ultrasonic generators for industrial cleaning from 25 kHz to 1 MHz with an output power up to 3 kW; ultrasonic generators for plastic welding and cutting from 20 to 40 kHz and output powers up to 5 kW; ultrasonic transducers for cleaning and welding including submersible and rod transducers; ultrasonic flow reactors for waste water treatment and ultrasonic processing in biogas plants. Customers include small, medium-sized and large companies from the automotive industry and aeronautics, electrical engineering and electronics, medical engineering, watch and clock-making, precision mechanics and optics, electroplating and cleaning technology, metal working and PCB manufacture – to name just a few. Weber provides a value-added partnership with specialist expertise, and has over 2,000 customers worldwide from the most diverse of industries.